Perform a fuzzy search for a company on the OFAC SDN List.

Quota-Enforced Endpoint

Usage of this endpoint counts towards daily usage quotas. Remember you can append 'test=1' to any query, switching to test mode. This will limit your search to OFAC entity numbers <e; 1000, but will not count towards daily usage quotas.


Required Parameters
api_key Your API key
company Name of the company
Returns {array}
The returned array may contain any number of objects with the following fields:
ofac_sdn_ent_num Ofac Sdn Ent Num
ofac_sdn_name Ofac Sdn Name
ofac_sdn_type Ofac Sdn Type
ofac_sdn_program Ofac Sdn Program
ofac_sdn_title Ofac Sdn Title
ofac_sdn_call_sign Ofac Sdn Call Sign
ofac_sdn_vess_type Ofac Sdn Vess Type
ofac_sdn_tonnage Ofac Sdn Tonnage
ofac_sdn_grt Ofac Sdn Grt
ofac_sdn_vess_flag Ofac Sdn Vess Flag
ofac_sdn_vess_owner Ofac Sdn Vess Owner
ofac_sdn_remarks Ofac Sdn Remarks

Try It

Try it yourself... the following link uses a demo API key so you can see exactly what data gets returned.

URL for Endpoint
GET or POST Query


Fuzzy searching allows you to check for different spellings that are phonetically similar. For example, try the above search ag ain, replacing "CUBATUBACO" with "CUBATABACCO". Also, try experimenting to get an idea of how far off the spelling can get before you no longer get a match returned.


For more information on using this API, or to suggest new features, please feel free to contact us.

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